JetAudio 8.1.7

Customizable music player software capable of playing all popular formats and including extra features

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Jetaudio is a great all-in-one audio/video player with some cool extras for those who enjoy customizing their media intake experience.


The technology available to the average person in the 21st century is truly astonishing. We know more about the world around us - and about the universe as a whole - than at any other time in history. Medicine seems like magic, and even something as brutal as the waging of war has its own sinister sheen of technological magnificence. With all of that said, however, it cannot and should not be overlooked that we also use technology to satisfy the simple human impulse to kick back and have fun. It is fitting, too, that one of the ways in which we as a species do this is by harnessing the power of modern technology to enjoy one of humanity's most primal and precious pastimes - the enjoyment of great music. With the Jetaudio player, great music (as well as various other forms of media, such as video) is now just a couple of clicks away, no matter what you like or where you are.

Jetaudio is best described as a one-stop shop for media lovers. In addition to its obvious function as a music and video player, Jetaudio also allows for basic editing through the use of visualizations and transitions, as well as file sharing via MP3 to CD conversion and more. Users can enjoy their favorite Internet radio stations, fetch lyrics for their favorite songs, record themselves (or any other appealing sound they might find within microphone range) and even customize the look and feel of the player itself.

As far as technical specifications are concerned, Jetaudio is a Windows-based application. It can play and convert audio and video in and to a multitude of formats, including some of the more exotic ones. For users who like their players on the less visible end of the spectrum, a feature has been built into Jetaudio that allows it to be integrated with the Windows taskbar/system tray. From there, users can control the player's primary functions without ever having to interrupt more pressing tasks, which is great in a work environment.


* The Jetaudio player is customizable, which means users can change the look, feel and behavior of the player interface to suit their own needs and stylistic preferences.

* Jetaudio is able to play and manipulate both audio and video in virtually every standard format, as well as in a handful of non-standard ones. This means enjoying, sharing and working with media is a snap, regardless of type, end user(s) and so forth.

* The player comes with a bundle of extra features. Not all users will need or even want them, of course, but it's nice to know they're available if the situation calls for it.


* Jetaudio is Windows-only. Mac users in need of a similar utility will need to look elsewhere.

* While customization is possible, options for skins, audiovisual effects and so on are limited.


Jetaudio is a great tool for people in search of a great, if basic, all-in-one audio/video player. Check it out today!

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